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Setup and Install Digital Equipment

digital equipment - ipod - camcorders

Every house nowadays is full of gadgets. Mp3 Players, LCD televisions, mobile phones, PDAs, Digital Cameras, Camcorders and all kinds of devices that have the capability to connect to the computer.

How prepared you are to use them ? Do you have the appropriate knowledge to take advantage of their capabilities or maybe you use 10% of their functions ?

An experienced technician can come to your place, setup and demonstrate your digital device to you.

Setup Mobile Phone and PDA

Our technician can come to your place and do the following :

  • Backup your data and contacts from your phone or PDA
  • Move contacts from one device to another
  • Setup and change the ringtone
  • Setup the internet connection for your mobile or PDA
  • Move pictures and videos from your mobile to the pc
  • Synchronize mobile with Outlook or Outlook express

Demostration of digital devices

Home GadgetsHave you just bought a new video camcorder or a digital camera and you try to learn how to use it ? Do you read the instructions but you can't do some of the procedures ?

We can come to your place and demonstrate the use of digital camera or camorder. We can show you how you can connect the device with your personal computer and use the Photo Editing or Video Editing Software that comes with your camera so that you can take advatage of all its capabilities.

We can demonstate to you functions of the following devices :

  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camcorder
  • Mp3 Player
  • Ipod
  • LCD Television or Plasma Television
  • Mini Laptop
  • Flat TFT Οθόνη
  • DVD Player
  • DVD Recorder
  • Car Audio System
  • HiFi Surround System
  • Mobile Phone
  • PDA
  • Screen Projectors
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